Workplace Bullying

by Robyn Russell

It seems an ideal place to follow on with this chapter as I have over my working life encountered so many different types of harassment or bullying and the workplace is very different from the childish bullying I encountered in my early years as so much more has to be considered when trying to deal with it.
I was very lucky with my jobs until I was in my 30s when I realised that harassment/bullying comes in so many different forms and levels. The odious boss I had at the Pharmaceutical company was one in a million, at least I hope he was! Not only the constant swearing and undermining I had to contend with on a daily basis, I also had the added problem of trying to leave. I had watched him reduce a young girl to tears on a daily basis, who was determined to stick it out for a year as this was her first job. I kept telling her work should not be like this…….