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Dear Robyn
I just had to write to congratulate you on your most amazing book, it as so insightful and such an amazing view from the perspective of a mother, step mother, grandmother, daughter-in-law and wife. So many of the areas you covered. I remembered so well and other areas that I never knew about. One particular area that resonated with me and that is definitely work, where you are penalised and bullied for being the best you can possibly be….. you are such a genuinely kind and caring person Robyn. You truly inspired me in my very young years and I know that you have tackled many demons and issues in the best way you could at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

26th April 2020

5.0 out of 5 stars A very good read.

A very well written and interesting book. It is a true reflection of life and a very relatable book about life’s ups and downs. It made me realise that we all have our own history, some good, some bad, and that it’s the paths we tread that make us the people we are. 2 February 2019

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended read

Every woman should read this book,men too An extremely well written and enjoyable read. This lady has had an amazing and interesting life with many ups and downs She is not afraid to admit mistakes and learn from them Highly recommended. Couldn’t put it down 25 October 2019

Name: Nikki

I loved reading this autobiography which I am sure was quite painful to write – if cathartic. As we all move towards ‘older age’ the piece about Alzheimer’s can feel rather unsettling. Luckily it was not a choice I had to make with elderly parents. I hope your next ‘choice’ – to write another book, keeps you moving forward.  17th February 2019

Name: Mr A Leach, UK

Format: Kindle Edition

Name: Corinne from Banbury, UK

Comment: I read your book twice and couldn’t believe that I found you were not having a life like our family, you must have a very strong constitution to overcome everything that was “thrown” at you, but I do admire the way you overcome everything with the love of your loving husband and I wish you both a long and happy life. 16th October 2018

Name: Alex

Comment: I don’t usually read autobiographies but I was really captured by this one! I particularly enjoyed learning about the authors early life spent in Kenya. The book takes you through a number of life events and situations which are highly relatable, giving you the sense that we all carry similar burdens and triumphs at one point or another. A wonderful read! 13th August 2018

Name: Liz G.

Comment: A well-written, intriguing autobiography about an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life story. I particularly recommend the moving and informative chapters about Alzheimers . Robyn I enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to your next book. 26th July 2018

Name: Jenny

Comment: I enjoyed this book so much that I just had to read it twice! 25th May 2018

Name: Kay Hayes

Comment: This book was so interesting and engaging that I just couldn’t put it down! 31st May 2018