Radio Promotion

A call out of the blue the other week has led to me being invited to undertake a radio interview in America for Daily Spark Radio with Dr Angela Chester.  This will be followed with a podcast.  The interview will be pre-recorded in June 2020 and I will post the date of the transmission as soon as I know it.

  • 45-minute Radio Interview (99.1 FM Atlanta, GA + Iheart Radio)
  • 15-minute Podcast Interview (iTunes,Tunein, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Blogtalk, and more)
  • Online Posting Via Iheart Radio’s FB Page

The interview will also be available on these platforms:  iTunes; Stitcher; Speaker; iHeartRadio; TuneIn; SoundCloud; and Specific radio stations e.g. WDJY 99.1 FM Metro Atlanta | WMTA  107.3 FM and 1380 AM – Central City, KY | WTTA 101.2 FM HD – Metro Cincinnati | IHEART RADIO | ITUNES | SPEAKER

The links to the radio station and the podcast are below if you would like to have a listen to one of Dr Angela’s current interviews.

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