Writers Block

With all this time we have on our hands to do just the things we have been putting off, I am finding it hard to knuckle down to writing. While we are all undergoing this covid-19 lockdown I realised just how emotional my book was to write.

I did think I would try to write a chapter on all the positive aspects of my life, but have found it hard to find any in the current climate. I am continually jealous of those who  have family members that care enough to at least make a telephone call. My family, those few that are around, (other than my sister),  have no interest and my texts and messages are just ignored.

It’s hard to accept that they have no interest in me unless they want something and then I am expected to smile and just say, “of course I can be there for you”!

I know I am not the only person in the world affected by this ‘me, me’ generation, but it does feel like it!

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