Update 2020

Well I am still plugging away at my second book, but it is slow progress. Not sure why, but I think it is to do with the emotional side of me struggling with expressing myself. When you delve into, not just the actions you took through your life, but the actual feelings you go through on a daily basis, finding the right words can be difficult. I think we all veer away from looking too deeply at ourselves, but I will plod on.

Still hoping that I can get a literary agent to take an interest this time round. Just don’t think I can go through all the trauma I went through getting my first book self published. Not to mention the never ending recurring costs that are required to market the book, and to date, not many of the methods have produced sales.

I have included a chapter in my new book on the pitfalls of self publishing that I hope will let you see my difficulties for yourself. Will keep you posted on how I am progressing

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