New Book

Well after a good couple of months I have at last got back to writing my new book. I must admit to losing my way over the last couple of months and to add to that I lost the impetus needed. Perhaps because I have at last started to organise my life after Jemima’s demise in July 2018. It’s taken me over a year to sort things out but have started to get myself into shape again. Taken up some exercise, swimming and yoga, and losing some of the weight I gained during my miseries at losing Jemima and of course not running up and down the stairs so much. Now over a stone lighter and feeling a lot fitter I am beginning to return to being myself and not just an appendage. Add to that I had a lovely encounter with someone who had read my book and stopped me in a shop to say just how much she had enjoyed it and when was I going to publish the follow-on. Positive strokes! Thank you!

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