I am having a really exhausting and frustrating time trying to sort out a number from the United States IRS (Inland Revenue Service).   I need this as I had my book published with an American company, although I was assured they had a UK office, my royalties will be paid from the US and unless I have this IRS number they will take 35% of  any earnings.

Having completed the forms as instructed my first attempt was rejected as I had not completed a tick box and I had sent a notarized copy of my passport (£90 thank you very much!) and apparently they wanted a certified copy.  On talking to the IRS it appears that the information on their website was incorrect at the time I first applied.

Unfortunately the IRS will only accept a certified copy from one of their accepted agents or from the US Embassy.    I worked my way down the list and discovered that the cost for this service can be anything from £250 up to £2,500.   None of them will just certify my passport but want to offer the full service of dealing with the IRS in my stead.  The US Embassy offers this service for $50, however, getting an appointment with them is another hurdle.  Not to mention the additional costs of having to travel to London.

I know that once I have cracked this at least I will not have to do it again for 3 years.

Royalties are not the first thing that enters your mind during the publishing cycle, so a warning to all new authors, check this out before you decide on the right publisher for you!


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