Robyn Russell


Who would have believed when looking at this photograph that I would become an author!  No-one has been more surprised than me.   I hope you enjoy reading my first book as much as I did writing it.


I am a 60+ year old wife of 35 odd years to a dedicated and patient man, have 1 son and 1 step-daughter, who in turn have produced 2 grandchildren. Add to the family my Mother-in-law, aged 95 (at the start of writing this book), one brother,  and one sister,and a rescue cat.

I am an ordinary woman born in 1951 in Mombasa, East Africa, during colonial years as the youngest of 3 children. We moved to Eldoret in Kenya and then finally to Tabora in Tanzania before coming home to England in the early 1960s, (I was 10 years old,) where I have remained on the South Coast and built my life.

Life is Just a Bowl of Choices is my first book and I am working on a follow-up.

I will put some excerpts on the site as soon as I get to grips with doing this, although my book is already available on-line through Amazon in paperback or hard cover, and will be going on-line as an e-book very soon.

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