Life Is Just A Bowl Of Choices

by Robyn Russell


The choices we live by, whether our own or those made on our behalf, decide our future path in life. Throughout this life we are often given the opportunity to change the direction we are taking. Much depends on your own nature and character as to how the choice you make will affect not only you, but those around you. For many of us we lay the blame for our misfortunes and troubles on those who made those choices rather than looking to ourselves for going along with it all, not looking at the other alternatives or accepting those that we did go along with or had no alternative because we were too young.

For me, I just wish I could be selfish enough to just walk away from some of the choices I have made and not worry about the effect on those around me. My advice to anyone is that you really look into the complexities of each option before taking that step. Involve all those that are likely to be impacted before making a decision and give them a voice. Maybe, just maybe, their arguments are stronger for not taking that route than yours are for doing it………………..


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